Have you all heard about this damn Daniel thing? It's one of the most recent viral videos that doesn't contain violence or humiliation. Just compliments. I find it to be hilarious as well. So people, please continue to complain about this video. Please.

RIVERSIDE: Viral video stars are Poly HS students
Press Enterprise:
The latest viral video blowing up social media sites was created right here in Riverside.
The "Damn Daniel" video, made by Joshua Holtz @josholzz, is a simple compilation of video clips showing Daniel Lara @daniel_laraa strutting around campus, wearing Vans tennis shoes.
On the video Holtz can be heard saying, "Damn Daniel," over and over again, about Daniel's attire, especially his Vans skate shoes - and that's it.
The video posted on Holtz' twitter feed has been retweeted 270,000 times and has 340,000 likes. The video has inspired dance routines, remixes, marriage proposals and a Daniel Lara startup kit, featuring Vans tennis shoes.
Lara posted on the feed, "Josh, and I are stoked by all this. Thank you guys."

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