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How to Improve Your Roller Skating Skills Quicker

Just like with ice skating, learning how to roller skate well doesn’t happen as quickly as we’d like. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to accelerate the pace of your learning to become a better roller skater in no time at all.

Here are a few tips to improve your roller skating abilities.

Use a Good Pair of Roller Skates

It should be obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people use a pair of 5- or 10-year old roller skates that have been stuck in a shoe box in the basement or garage and expect them to perform perfectly. Forgetting the possible rust on some of the parts and the need to oil the workings to help everything work properly, an older pair of roller skates just isn’t going to be a match for a modern pair.

Riedell roller skates use the latest technologies in materials and fabrics to create each pair of roller skates. Along with having a choice of many different interesting designs and wheel styles, their quality production methods ensure that every pair of roller skates will only enhance your stability and skills on wheels. When you finally own a decent pair of roller skates, you’ve stopped holding yourself back from learning faster.

Practice Balancing

Skating well is all about balance. You should try to stand on one leg with your roller skates strapped on. The weight of one skate is difficult to hold up so your legs will get a workout that day too. It’ll also help you balance better at the same time. When skating, we lift one leg off the ground after we push forward with it, and so much of the time when rolling on wheels we’re only on one foot. This is because whenever you’re rolling with all wheels on the ground, you’re gradually slowing down.

When you get better, try roller skating on one foot while lifting the other leg up. You’ll gradually get used to your improved balance and love how it helps your entire skating form.

How to Go Faster

To go faster, you’ll need to learn to lean forward with your torso while you push off with one of your legs. One foot stays on the ground rolling straight and true, acting to help you keep your foundation solid, while the other leg pushes off. This action is repeated over and over, pumping each leg one at a time while continuing to lean into the air you’re blasting through. In this position, you’re more aerodynamic, which reduces the forces against you and helps you pick up more speed.

When moving your body, you should twist at the hips, not at the torso. The sideways motion should be from your legs and the movement of the hips, and how that affects your waist motion along with it. Moving the upper body, other than rotating your arms, is a waste of energy.

Becoming a better rollerskater means you can join your friends on group activities without feeling out of place. The satisfaction you will receive from getting better at a new activity faster also feels good too.

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