Palace, a known skate brand has gone a step further: releasing a self-proclaimed “super gangster” footwear range. Part of the brand's 2015 Fall/Winter release, they have unveiled these trendy handmade loafers which aren’t really meant for skateboarding, one cannot deny the effortless style that oozes out of them.

Available in four sleek colorways of “Bottiglia Green,” “Burdeos,” “Tenelo Grey” and “Vigblu,” these penny loafers feature 2 gold plate Palace penny's sandwiched in the diamond-shaped slit at the front, and a hand-made logo embossed along the leather sole.

I don't know if you are digging these but for me, I don't like the fact that they are trying to be versatile like Supreme. Perhaps it would be better if they stick to their skating roots. ~$275.


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