Skate shoes are the most essential part of any skateboarder's gear, aside from the deck itself, are the SBs (skate shoes). There are lots, and varied, components that go into a good skate shoe. First of all, all skate boarders look for a skate shoe that offers extra grip. Vans SBs are famous for their "waffle sole" grip, while Emerica as well as Lakai make use of "sticky gum rubber" for their shoes' soles. There's still an ongoing debate in the skateboarding World as to which is better between the cupsole and the vulcanized sole. Vulcanized soles are made to be thinner and flexible, which offer better board feel, but many are saying that they are less protective. Cupsoles are made to be thicker to offer more protection - when skating big steps, gaps, and rails. Maybe this is why shoe companies like Nike and Fallen footwear decided to offer the same model with both cup and vulcanized soles. There's also a debate between hi-top and low-top skate shoes as to which is better when it comes to performance. The high-tops seems to provide more ankle support, but unfortunatlely more restricting, while the low-tops provide skaters more freedom in the ankle area, though it comes with less ankle support. This is why DC and Supra offer hi and low versions of their shoes. So, whether you are cupsole skater, a vulc skater, a hi-top skater, or a low-top skater, Skate Shoes has got you covered.