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January 2017

Vans Eras? Well, they're awesome!!! I would have to say that these skate shoes are comfortable as hell and have its own unique look/design. I had some trouble finding things for it to match with but for its purpose, it was perfect!  The minimal styling, basic, classy, old school charm of these shoes is the best out there. A lot of skate shoe companies copy the Vans style, but they really don't come close. Vans are comfy skate shoes as far as I'm concerned, and my life long choice of casual footwear. $50.

I received an email recently asking for the comfiest skate shoes?

"Can you suggest a really comfy skate shoes?

I go through skate shoes around 3-5 months now no matter what brand.

I don't mind the technology or the brand as long as it will hold up a little, it is comfy, and it does not look weird.

I tried Nike SB Janoskis, Campus Vulcs, and G6s, but I'm looking for something that's comfier.

The comfiest ones I've tried so far were an old pair of Puma Ss. Since they don't stock them anymore, I might try the suedes.

Any other suggestion?"

Here's my reply:

I think it depends on what makes certain shoes comfy for you...

As for me, I found Lakai vulcs comfortable, but I only wear them to chill since I skate cup sole type of skate shoes.

Supra Skytop III's are also comfy. Vans Half Cabs are extremely comfy as well and so are the AV x Era 1.5's. You might want to try the Vans Geoff Rowley Pro, Vans Chukka Low's, and Vans AVE Natives. I personally like Cupsoles the best but I'll skate Vulc too every now and then depending if I like them or not.

I've heard that the Emerica Reynolds Cruisers and the Lakai Lindens are comfy too. But if you have the budget, why not go for the Nike SB dunk lows, they are simply the coolest comfy skate shoes out there.

The new Nike Dunk Low Pro SB features good board feel, impact protection (yet flexible) and durability.

For vans comfy skate shoes, buy here.

I received an email recently asking for strongest skate shoes.

"I have a pair of leather skate shoes, they are almost destroyed after 3 weeks...any suggestions for some new shoes that will last longer, please? Thanks for helping me out...also, it should be a reasonable price, I can't afford to spend much money on skate shoes"

Here's my reply:

Leather, Suede, Nubuck are pretty common materials for skate shoes and are the best skate-resistant. Canvas is definitely the worst believe me - they will rip very, very quickly.

I recommend Vans. But if you are lucky to find some Nike SBs or Supras on sale buy those instead. Globe is also good choice.

Also, make sure that if you get Vans you get the proper skate models, I got some Vans that weren't actually made to withstand skating, ones like Half-Cab, TNT etc. are the Vans you want to get. That being said Vans aren't amazing for durability, they're good but not great. Although I like to skate Lakai shoes the most, I've found Globe to be the most durable over the years of skating different shoe brands. They're a bit chunky for my liking, though. Also, Nike SB does last a long time too but are the most expensive of all brands.

This new Etnies Skyrise, in maroon colorway, offers plenty of comfort and support with its high-top design, removable ankle strap, stitch-and-turn toe cap construction, STI Evolution Foam midsole with stock-fit rubber bottoms and STI Foam Lite 2 footbed.

Key Features of the Etnies Sky Rise maroon skate shoes:

Stitch-and-turn toe cap
Removable ankle strap
Heel pull for easy entry
STI Foam Lite 2 footbed
STI Evolution Foam midsole
Stock fit rubber bottoms

Buy Etnies Sky Rise high top skate shoes for mens now! $56.

It might not be the best looking shoe in the world, but this high top skate shoes for men is purely- catered to skating. It's made to be both balanced and functional. Supra Vaiders always look impeccable with jeans. These are an extremely comfortable pair of shoes. If you traditionally wear size 11US, you might want to go down .5 size lower as these shoes run fairly larger. Highly recommend if you are looking for high top skate shoes for mens! $90.

Skateboard shoes or athletic skate shoes are specially manufactured and designed for skateboarding. The designs of the skate shoes are meant to minimize injuries towards one's feet and allow skateboarders to acquire higher control over their board.  The materials in skate sneakers provide better sturdiness for riding the boards. Designs vary tremendously - there are comfy skate shoes, blue suede skate shoes, athletic skate shoes, leather skate shoes, high top skate shoes for mens, wide width shoes, fashion skate shoes and more! But then again, manufacturers or brands follow the standard features: a flat polyurethane or rubber sole and a tough material within the upper shoe area as well as double or triple stitching in the connection areas.

When skateboarding there can be a great impact to the underside of your foot, which can be responsible for stress injuries in one's arch, ankle, and the heel. Skateboard AKA mens street shoes are created to help you to skate better and they help. With regards to skate shoes, everybody wants cheap skate shoes on sale! Some want to have a footwear which looks somewhat fashionable, while some want their skate shoes that are trendy and fashion forward.

But nevertheless, in this particular sport, you don't need to be fancy at all, as what's important is that they are sturdy and long lasting. Different brands offer different styles, looks, advantages, and trends. What you need to do is to stick with what's been around for decades and avoid the non-branded choice.

These Vans Slip on Skate Shoes Womens are the Best Shoe Ever - I think that this is! It is sooo comfortable and it feels as if you are walking on air!!! It is extremely durable too for those of you who are active and stylish! Fantastic fit, no breaking in required, comfortable right from the start!


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Great traction 


  • Not water resistant 

You can never go wrong with Vans. I've owned countless pairs and have never been disappointed. I've found that like most canvas shoes, they do wear out within a year though. Buy this Slip on Skate Shoes Womens at Vans!!! Available in various colorways. $50.

Check out the bestselling vans skate shoes mens including the Classics, Slip-On, Canvas Authentics, Low Top, High Top Shoes & More!

Designed by the Vans skate team, these are made with suede, canvas, and leather uppers. They feature UltraCush™ HD footbed to keep your foot close to the board while providing the highest level of impact cushioning. They also come with the Vans original waffle outsole that allows for a firmer grip. Buy Vans Skate Shoes Mens Today!

These shoes have gotten me quite a few comments and look from people. They have that classic cool factor, they feel comfortable for the most part and seemed to have more cushioning than the Cons I tried before.

My favorite is the black pair (bought it from a FB page Skate Shoes Philippines). It is really a nice low-key shoe with a classic look and feel that you can expect from Vans. Vans Old Skool is a very comfortable skate shoe. Feels true to size. Goes with a lot of different looks. I would completely recommend these! Once they're worn in, they feel so good. $60.

After having these Lakai Griffins for some time now (bought it from a FB group Skate Shoes Philippines), they have broken in nice. I can say that it is a nice knock around comfortable shoe. They are a flat footed shoe with fairly low arch support. I tend to wear skate style shoes at work with jeans. It looks really nice with jeans, the plain look of the toe from the top almost makes them look like suede oxfords. So far, I have gotten good compliments. The suede does wear fast though so be careful what you are doing when out in these shoes. Lakai Griffin is a comfort shoe for me even though I can run in them. They also came with an extra pair of laces? I didn't put them in. Overall, it's a good shoe, it's comfortable, it looks nice, and it's holding up well.$65.

A Nike SB Classic Returns!

Fifteen years after its debut, the Nike SB Dunk's iconic "Shark" colorway is back – updated and out for revenge. Limited quantities available. $90.

"Originally a classic Nike hoops shoe, the Dunk was organically adopted by skate culture—and in time reengineered for the session by Nike SB. This limited edition inverts the colors from one of the very first SB colorways—2002’s legendary ‘Shark’ Dunk, in nightshade and chile red-shark."

Note: This is not available yet @WeLegendary or @CenterofGravity. Skate Shoes Philippines (a FB group where you can find resellers) is probably the best place to find or cop your pair.

Big H #TheRack at 50% off? YES!  Just a few pieces available.

#TheRack at ₱2,500 (discounted price)

SMS/Viber: 0999 915 0456
Messenger: skatebigh

Big H Skate Co. Shop
- Market Market - Ground floor near Bread Talk and Tribal

The Perfect White Shirt
- Trinoma - 2nd floor Teenzone Near Starbucks and Converse
- Glorietta - Ground Floor Glorietta 3 near Globe and Esprit
- ATC - 2nd floor Mall, infront of Adidas near National Bookstore

These are probably the best skate shoe's I've ever tried on. At first these halfcabs seem they might be a bit clunky or big but they do not feel that way on my feet. They have just enough padding where you can feel your deck but not get heel bruises. They are true to size unlike other Vans.

I have very wide feet and have looked high tops and low tops for a comfortable skate shoe. These half cabs fit like a glove right out of the box. My other skate shoes (dunk lows) I got in size 9 and they took like a month to break in. These I tried in a size 9 for some extra width. They fit like slippers and they were so incredibly comfortable. There was still some break-in for the next week or two, but they didn't pinch at all - they stretched out real nice. They look awesome and have a tough construction. Vans rocks! These vans mens skate shoes are available in various colorways. $65-$80.

Osiris Protocol is one of the most comfortable shoes I ever tried on. I beat them to death. They look nice with jeans and go great with anything. They fit perfectly, amazing shape all throughout the toe area, very light, and they look way better in person!

Osiris Protocol Features

  • Osiris Protocol guys low-profile skate shoe.
  • Black, white, and gum colorway.
  • Synthetic nubuck and mesh upper for durability.
  • Double stitched toe cap and reinforced abrasion areas.
  • Padded tongue and collar for comfort.
  • Combination lacing system for fit.
  • VLKN cupsole construction.
  • EVA drop in midsole with heel insert for impact resistance.
  • Dual density blown PU RX insole with full latex covering.
  • Durable rubber outsole for grip and durability.
  • Osiris gum bottom tread.
  • White Osiris logo detailing throughout.

Excellent shoes, I've got NOTHING but compliments. Although Osiris shoes are known for skateboarding, please do not use these for skateboarding. They will probably not last too long. The back of the sole wear down quick. After 5 months of daily use, they were down quick. Regardless, I have 2 extra pairs because I love them so much. $33-$56.

#C1RCA Shoes, Hoodies, Tees, Caps & Accessories are available at all @therailph Stores and at Selected SM & Robinson's Department Stores, Olympic Village, Landmark Trinoma, Duty Free Baguio, Fiesta Mall, Terminal 3 Fashion Rack and KCC Mall ..
For ON LINE ORDERS just click the link 👉🏽
#CommittedToSkateboarding #Skateboarding#TheRailPh #C1RCAPh

Good looking skate shoes with everything. Really good cushioning at heel and ball of foot. Janoskis are really comfortable. It allows me to walk for miles with the style I like. This shoe is definitely tight on the top of your foot, behind the toes, but loosened up after a couple of days.

Some say this shoe is narrow, but it's actually just tighter in that area to lock your foot down for skateboarding. I wear this shoe to the office, not for skating. If you skated with this shoe, it would be beat up looking pretty quickly since it is fairly thin whether the material is canvas, suede, or leather. I like Janoskis so much I'm looking for another pair in a different color. $85.

I already have two Maranas, the signature red, and the standard blue for about 2 months now. They are very comfortable out of the box. I personally did not think that these shoes were narrow at all. After a couple of wears, they soften up, not that they really need to anyways. A lot of people have complimented my shoes, especially the red.

Etnies Marana Features:

  • Performance & Durability Redefined
  • Pro Foam 1 Polyurethane insole
  • 400 NBS rubber outsole with flex grooves for flexibility
  • Beefy car tire inspired tread designed to last
  • Fused on, injected rubber toe cap
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Hidden lace loops
  • Suede/Textile/Synthetic

Etnies Marana is pretty good for skating. They hold up very well, especially in the toebox area. The reinforced toe cap really helps and does not get ripped up very easily. It still has not a month later. I walk in them all day pretty much as well. These Maranas are troopers. The red got a little dirty pretty quick, but I would assume a lot of red shoes will get a little darker over time. Anyways, Etnies Marana is a great shoe, not the best set of Etnies I have ever had but definitely close to it and worth a buy. Especially with that return policy. $80.

Globe Sabre is an extremely comfortable solid feeling skate shoe. It's a tank! You'll be very impressed with this pair. I myself tend to like "bulky" shoes and the Sabres do the trick. Honestly, I wish that globe still made the Chet Thomas IV shoes, but these seem to be closest to the design as far as comfort is concerned. These shoes are well built and also feel incredibly solid and durable.

Globe Sabre Features:

  • Ultra heavy duty skate style with step in sock liner
  • Integrated inner sock for a secure fit & ankle support
  • Nitrocel airbag sole for impact control
  • Globe's S-Trac for ultimate grip and flex

I would highly recommend these to anyone who likes the bulky shoes or laments the death of the Chet Thomas IV like me. You can buy these over at Zappos or Ebay.

Drop everything now because Big H Skate Co. is having a 50% OFF sale! 🔥 Head over to any of their stores or order online!

SMS/Viber: 0999 915 0456

Big H Skate Co. Shop
- Market Market - Ground floor near Bread Talk and Tribal

The Perfect White Shirt
- Trinoma - 2nd floor Teenzone Near Starbucks and Converse
- Glorietta - Ground Floor Glorietta 3 near Globe and Esprit
- ATC - 2nd floor Mall, infront of Adidas near National Bookstore
- Market Market - 2nd floor Fashion Market near EO Optical

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