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August 2018

  • Learn how to ride it and work on your balance, at this point you should also learn the opposite stance, it will make things much easier to learn once you get into some of the more technical tricks.
  • Decide what moves you want to/need to learn and imagine how to make them work together, what makes them different and what makes them similar. It gives you a basic insight into the mechanics. So naturally, you should start with an ollie.
  • At this point, figure out the principles behind it. How does it work? Where and why are your feet supposed to do this and not that.
  • When you finally decide to give it a shot, don't think about what you need to do in a "step" fashion. Your both legs have to work as one, kinda like a solid sidekick - you have to be fully aware of both of your legs and your hips at the same time to create one singular motion. Otherwise, it will always "almost" work.
  • Once you can sort of do it, now it's the time to break it up into pieces and master every component. At some point, it will become almost like a form of "leg memory". Now look for a trick that is preferably a direct extension or variation of your previously learnt trick. After you learn how to ollie, you can either go for nollie, to balance your stances. If not, give kickflip a shot. Let's say you already know how to do a kickflip - try a heelflip or a shove it. Now that you know how to do a kickflip and a shove it - see what happens when you combine them both.
  • Great. Now you're addicted. Good luck and wear a helmet, seriously.

In one sentence - practice, be patient because it takes time, understand what you're doing and why you're doing what you're doing, also, I can't stress it enough - focus.

I love the color combo of these shoes - one of my favorites of all time! Hope I'd be able to find a way to buy this pair :). Globe Sabres fit perfectly which is why I have a couple of pairs already!

The impact-dampening in the heel is ridiculously good, the sock liner construction is super-comfy, and the roomy toe-box is always appreciated. I also like the built-in tongue, and these slip on just right.

These Sabres are comfortable and just as good looking! If you are on the fence about Globes or even Sabres specifically, don't be! They are super comfortable and every pair of Globes I have owned lasted WAY longer than any other pair of shoes I have bought, even longer than ones I don't wear on a regular basis.  $80.

Man! This Osiris Clone Huit Samurai Red is totally rad! I mean if you're into samurai stuff and movies, this is the way to let everybody you meet know it. The shoes look even better in person and the fit is great.

The colors are really strong and they pop! Osiris shoes are always stylish, with or without laces, and these shoes are no exception. These shoes are super comfortable and really go well with almost any outfit. They also have pretty good ankle support and feel snug. The material also looks and feels durable. $65.

Independent has collaborated with Vans to celebrate its 40th anniversary, bringing us this co-branded Sk8-Hi that prominently features both the Vans checkerboard motif and the Independent cross logo.

The Vans Sk8-Hi Pro X Independent features UltraCush footbeds for impact protection, Duracap uppers for extreme durability, and classic Vans waffle outsoles for still-unmatched board feel. It also comes with Independent logos on the midsole for a touch of co-branded flair.

This collaborative footwear is accompanied by a whopping 20 apparel pieces and the entire collection is available now on and at Vans Skate stockists. $80.

Many people who are interested in building muscles are keen on knowing if running can build muscles or not. The answer is yes. You can develop muscles by taking proper running exercises and eating the right diet. Besides, you can take some beneficial steroids to get the results in a shorter time of training. You do not have to struggle to get the steroids because, with vendita steroidi online, you can conveniently order them at any time you need them. To build muscles, you need to balance between running and strength training. 

Consider having short, fast runs and sprints because it acts on your twitch fibre to increase the muscle size instead of long steady runs which only deal with burning calories. Proper diet cannot be replaced by anything else when it comes to building muscles. Running on an empty stomach or feeding on an imbalanced diet will deny your body the necessary energy and nutrients it needs to build the muscles. Insufficient calories in the body during exercise makes the body to obtain energy from burning the muscle fats.

This acts against your efforts of building muscles. The following are some tips which can help you build muscle with running: 

1. Combine running and strength training Try as much as possible to balance between running and strength training to achieve muscle building fast. Fast runs and sprints are effective in increasing your body muscles. Reducing the distance, you run to include jogging and sprints is a brilliant idea to build muscles with running. Running in the morning and strength training in the evening schedule can work well without having to strain your body too much. 

2. Include weight lifting in your running exercises Weight lifting strengthens your muscles and enhances muscle building in a short duration. Restraining bands are essential in ensuring safety during training sessions. Strong muscles are crucial in preventing injuries and reducing impacts on your legs during training as well as increasing body endurance capacity. 

3. Eat a balanced diet Proteins are essential in repairing body tissues. Training involves exercises that at times tear tissues and therefore, tissue regeneration is required to sustain proper body functioning. A diet rich in protein like eggs, chicken, fish among others is highly recommendable for building muscles. When the body has calorie deficits, it gets energy from burning energy-demanding muscle mass. To prevent this, ensure you take vegetables and carbohydrates to get energy during running strength training exercises. 

4. Get enough rest Our body tissues regenerate and when the body is resting. This is the time our bodies start to show the results of your training efforts. You can consider staying active by doing simple exercises such as swimming and walking. In a short time, your body will get used to the routine, and you will see your muscles building. 

5. Run on unlevelled ground Unlevelled ground will give a combination of different impacts on your muscles which a great way to build muscles. Long runs on a flat surface are good for enhancing endurance and burning calories. However, if you are into muscle building, running on a hilly surface is the best to develop leg muscles.

Globe Fury (Black/Gum, Grey/White, Black/Camo) for 5.5K Shipped (SRP $90)
Available sizes:
Black/gum: 7-10.5
Grey/white: 9 to 12
Black camo: 9
Globe Chet Thomas IV (size 8-10.5) 6K SRP $100
Osiris D3 Camo - 6.5K Shipped (sizes 5 to 13) SRP $110 - Wala ng size 9
DVS Shoes Comanche Black/Grey (8.5 and 9) 4.5K shipped SRP $75
DVS Shoes Comanche Olive/Black/Gum (9, 10, 11) 5K shipped
DVS Comanche Black, Charcoal & Red 4.5K Shipped sizes: 9.5-12

ETA: 2-4 Weeks after Deposit.
Deposit: 1.5k DP to process your order.
NOTE: If you are looking for an item that is not posted here, just send US a message.
For orders or inquiries, Message US on FB for faster transactions.
Mode of payment: Paypal, BPI, Palawan

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