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November 2016

Got these free NB shoes from Acer X NB for attending their Acer - New Balance Go Swift Event yesterday at KPUB (Trinoma)
In honor of my month-long shoe clutter series and my ridiculously frugal nature, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about the many ways I have managed to get completely FREE SHOES for both me and my kids.

Yesterday, I shared my new mix ‘n match wardrobe and noted that many of my shoes were “purchased” for free. I got several shoes for free from advertisers and thanks to consignment opportunities and selling a couple items on eBay and Facebook Groups, I made about thousands of pesos to put towards my new shoes.

It’s actually crazy to think about how much free (or almost free) shoes I’ve accumulated over the years… and I’m so excited to do this BLOG blog post to share some of my ideas with you.

If you’ve ever hesitated to update your wardrobe because you felt it does not fit in your budget (yeah, I can relate), this post is definitely for you!

Ways to get free Shoes

1. Borrow and Lend

Yeah, I realize this is ridiculously obvious… but I had to mention this because borrowing is a great way to get free shoes that you also won’t have to store after you’ve used it.

After 2 babies I have only actually purchased 2-3 kids shoes with my own money. I’ve been graciously given a handful of shoes from a friend who was finished having children.

I’ve also freely lent out my shoes to friends and family members whenever they ask (provided I’m not using them at the time).

I have borrowed and lent SO many kids shoes over the past 6 years… it’s just crazy how much money I’ve saved. I’m sure some of my shoes have not been returned and I know I’ve mistakenly kept a few items that weren’t mine :) — but it all evens out in the end, and it all saves hundreds of pesos on rarely-worn baby shoes.

2. Consign

I realize that this isn’t for everyone… but if you (or your kids) have shoes that is still in good condition but just doesn’t fit or isn’t in style anymore, I would suggest bringing it to a consignment store to see what you can get.

Often times, consignment shops here in Manila will give you 10% to 15% more for your items if you opt for store credit versus cash back — and if you don’t have any qualms about buying used shoes, this could be a great opportunity for free (or almost free) shoes. Moreover, you have the added bonus of decluttering your closet in the process.

3. Shop thrift store sales.

We have a local thrift store nearby and a few times a year, they have shoe sale. Since most of their shoes are only 300 or 500 pesos, I can easily walk out of the store with 3-5 pairs of shoes for less than 2000 pesos!

If you have a quality local thrift store you enjoy shopping at, you should definitely check for when they have big shoe sales (and most stores do).

4. Promotions, Deals, & Freebies

Most of the ideas in this post are for used shoes — which I realize isn’t for everyone. However, I have gotten a fair amount of completely free BRAND NEW shoes for myself and my children simply by being smart with store promotions.

Take the new promo from Acer and New Balance for example:


Acer is celebrating the holiday season by giving away New Balance gift cards to customers who purchase participating Acer laptops.

Here are the participating models:

E5-473-56YB Charcoal Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-57SR Coral Pink5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-59ZA Ocean Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-596B Denim Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-57DS Tropical Yellow5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-54L9 Charcoal Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-55L5 Ocean Blue5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-574G-74BC Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-574G-59N4 Silver/Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473-539H Cotton White5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-52GY5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-79XK5,000 NEW BALANCE
V3-575G-74ZZ5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-473G-51GX Cotton White5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-55AN (S13) Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-53F4 (S13) White/Rose Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-767Q (S13) Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
S5-371-74H1 (S13) White/Rose Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
VN7-571-75CH5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-51SV Steel Gray5,000 NEW BALANCE
F5-573G-57CZ Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
F5-573G-780B Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-50AL Marble White5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-500E Red Copper5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-52T0 Twilight Purple5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF314-51-50ZY SWIFT 3 Luxury Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-50ST Steel Grey5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-58YC Marble White5,000 NEW BALANCE
E5-475G-55DU Red Copper5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF314-51-54JM SWIFT 3 Luxury Gold5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF514-51-50SQ SWIFT 5 Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF514-51-77F1 SWIFT 5 Obsidian Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SF713-51-M7ER SWIFT 7 Black5,000 NEW BALANCE
SP315-51-53NM SPIN 35,000 NEW BALANCE
Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271-395G SLV5,000 NEW BALANCE
Switch Alpha 12 SA5-271-54ZW SLV5,000 NEW BALANCE
SP714-51-M4E5 SPIN 75,000 NEW BALANCE

To claim the New Balance Gift Card, you just need to fill out the promo claim form and get the official receipt of your purchase from the store. Submit these requirements together with a cut-out of box serial number and two valid IDs.

Acer #GoSwift Promo promo runs until December 31, 2016, at Acer participating stores nationwide and get a New Balance Gift Card worth P5,000 absolutely FREE. 

Check out their promo video below:

For more about the latest Acer Swift units and other Acer Philippines’ products, go to, follow Acer via Twitter ( or

WHEW… I think that’s everything!

Did you stick with me?

I know this was a longer post — but I also know that many of you might like to buy new shoes (or even start Christmas shopping for your kids) but feel like you can’t afford it right now. However, with a little creativity and your willingness to wear some used shoes you really can find so much stuff for free… or almost free.

Moreover, what I really love about most of the ideas above is that along with keeping hundreds of pesos in our pockets, they keep millions of pounds of shoes out of landfills!

Do you have any other tips for getting free (or almost free) shoes?

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