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SkateShoesPH is (almost) commercial-free. It is a community news, information and expression site, and is not intended as an advertising channel for businesses. However, a small amount of long-term sponsorship helps ensure that this facility is well-maintained into the future. The goal is to maintain six to eight sponsors on six-month agreements, to enable us to pay for site fixed costs along with daily editorial costs (writing, editing and updating etc).

Size and Cost:
  • Leaderboard Ad (728×90) – $40/365 days or $200/ year
  • Header Ad (468×60) – $30/365 days
  • Sidebar Block Ad (300×250) – $25/365 days
  • Sidebar Button Ad (125×125)   – $15/365 days
  • Article with Link (for as low as $25 per article)
Who sees your sponsorship advertisement?  The visitor numbers of this website have grown steadily since its launch early in 2012, and currently it is averaging about 1000+ visits per day (or around 30,000+ per month). An average visitor views just over 8 pages per visit, making the page view count per month of over 60,000. That's a lot of eyeballs seeing and appreciating your support for this community initiative!

Interested in being a sponsor?  At present we have slots for further sponsors, so if you want to know more and perhaps sign up, let us know. Please email the owner here.

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