The time has finally come… The release of the EVOlution in ofwakeboarding: Project EVO. After months of waiting we finally reveale what the mysterious project EVO is all about. 

What is EVO?!

The Jobe EVO is a modular wakeboard binding, consisting of three parts which are detachable from each other and customizable: 

1. Sneaker
2. Binding
3. Skin 

The material the Jobe EVO is made of is extremely stiff and feather light. A combination of the binding and skin ensures zero heel lift. Due to the use of special materials and the way that Jobe EVO is designed, technically the control that the rider has over his/her board will be many times greater than other bindings. The binding is only compatible to a Jobe board with the hexagon inserts. These inserts together with the centered disk on the bindings will improve your board’s flex.

Get to know everything about the Jobe EVO in the product video below

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