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The Most Thrilling Ice Sports to Get Involved with This Christmas

To many members of the public, ice sports have a negative stigma that involves heavy falls and even significant injury. But this is only a tiny possibility found mainly in fail compilation videos on YouTube.  With the right assistance and training, these sorts of incidents are so easily avoided.

Designed for all ages and all skill types, there is a range of activities for you to participate in on the ice. These include the delicate art of figure skating, the more assertive hockey, and the thrill-inducing speed skating.  By reading this article, this will inform you of the main attributes of these sports and how you can get involved. So, grab your gloves, wrap up warm and let’s skate right into action.   
As a more aggressive winter sport, hockey is a tactical game involving two teams with the single aim of scoring a point. To do this, you must make your way from one end of the rink to another and smack the hockey puck into your goal. Sound simple enough?

However, as this is a contact sport, there will be many more obstacles preventing you from reaching your goal. With players obtaining the roles of three forwards (left wing, center, and right wing), two defensemen and one goalie, each will be paired with players from their opposing team, creating a greater ambiance of aggression. With the inclusion of six players on each team, you will feel a true sense of belonging if you choose to take part in this sport. Male or female, if you enjoy playing in a forceful, fast-paced, team environment, then hockey is the pastime for you.    

Figure Skating
If you’re reading this article and thinking, ‘hockey really isn’t the sport for me’, then why not give figure skating a try. On the opposite end of the spectrum, skating requires delicacy, accuracy and importantly, balance in order for you to thrive.
Much like dancing, this particular sport can be attended either recreationally or competitively, opening up the opportunities for all ages and all genders to take part in. From the Lutz to the Axel, the main piece of equipment you’re going to require to tackle these moves are a pair of Riedell ice skates.

Speed Skating

Potentially the most dangerous out of the three, speed skating requires an extreme amount of accuracy and perfection. When speeding around the corners of the track, it is important to remember that there are multiple people around you traveling at the same rate in very close proximity. There is a high chance of being involved in a collision, meaning you must remain calm, collected, and most importantly of all, well-balanced.

Overall, it is clear from this article that, yes, ice sports do come with their own individual risks. But is it worth it for the thrill, enjoyment and the lifetime friends you could potentially meet? I’d so say. So, why not take a trip down to your local ice center and see which sports are available to you. 

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