I'm glad I came across these Globe Sabres, haven't owned a pair of these for years, seems most skate companies and throwing out boring vulc shoes left and right these adays. I like Globe even more, they brought back the classic "tongueless" design of the Chet IV's, you just slip them on and the airbags/padding hug 360 degrees all around your feet. It's so comfortable, feels almost like you're wearing slippers but they stay on your feet fine regardless of how loose the laces are, exceptionally breathable as well.

Unlike some other Globe styles, the sabres are true to size. They are very durable!! You can go rock these shoes and wear them into mosh pits and they'd still hold up.  Found this one on eBay and it's a great deal. It's a new pair of Globe Sabre in Black Gum colorway. Get them now! $65.

If you're in the Philippines, you can have Johnny air buy these shoes for you, I think you'll pay an extra 2k to have it shipped to your doorsteps. Or, you may sign-up on Kango Express (a much cheaper option - roughly 1K for a pair of shoes).

P.S. - Put my account number is KX001400 in the Referral Field during the registration process, so I'll get 10$ as a referral :)

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