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Why Skateboarding is Underrated in the Philippines

Here's some of the reasons why skate boarding is underrated here in the Philippines.


Aside from the poor quality of our roads here, we don't have that much skate parks. This is the reason why skaters skate in public places, which annoys most people.

Well, we can't blame these kids, because there are only a few skate parks here in the Philippines. Why? Simply because our government does not support skateboarding that much.

Although Mayor Erap Estrada has made two public parks (Vitas and MSP), the majority of the public officials here would prefer to create more basketball courts.

Skating Gear  

This is what's been bugging me really. Although you can get decks at a reasonable price 1000 pesos at some local skateshops, shoes are the WORST part about it.

It's difficult to buy quality skate shoes here without paying above 2000 php ($50). Sure, you can buy cheap skate shoes but most of them are made of canvas that don't have the quality support and will wear out really fast. Decent ones (that have good material and support) like Globe, Emerica G6s, Etnies, Nike SBs, Converse Cons and éS are expensive. Skate gear is tough to bargain for in the Philippines.


Some skaters here aren't that nice to skate with. This is just my opinion. I hear them say "hugots" and "boom panes" being repeated over and over which for me is kind of annoying. It's challenging to find those who are nice, but once you do, it will be much more fun and beneficial towards continuing skate boarding.


Skateboarders here are kind of "taboo". Being labeled as a skateboarder has a special type of discrimination. "Dugyot" or Dirty looking - well, we can't blame these people for seeing us that way because of the tropical weather we have and honestly, there are some skaters that are ill - mannered. These maybe the reasons why majority of the Filipinos find it hard to understand the spirit of skateboarding.

What we can do?

Well, it has to be a collaborative effort. We can't just whine and expect our government to provide as skate parks. We got to show them what our passion is all about, the right way, and for sure they will listen.

As for us, we are raising funds to buy skate shoes, skateboards, ramps, and equipment for skateboarding.

Right now, there are some kids that don't have skateboards, shoes, or a place to go to ride their skateboards.  With your help, we can make a safe and fun place for our youth to skate.

Action Plan

- Use my blog to promote skateboarding
- Sell cheap skate shoes, skate merchandise, etc.
- Save up

If you want to donate or sponsor, just let me know. Your generosity won't be forgotten.

Skate Shoes PH needs your help! Least you can do is to spread the word!

P.S. We're giving away a used Janoski Obisidian! All you got to do, is tag a friend and comment on this post.

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