Nope...this is not Freehand Profit's creation as these were made by the new shoe destroyer/artist in town - William Joseph! We all know that there's pressure when it comes to dissecting kicks. Well, here's a fantastic example of just that - transforming his highly coveted Nike dunk high black/gold into a fresh gas mask makeup! His knowledge forces him to really push a piece like this, and the outcome is an unarguably amazing craft justifying his sacrifice. This is his first mask and the detailing on this Dunk High mask is amazing putting to use just about every part of the shoes. Check the images below for a closer look!

@williamsaiz is a lifelong artist with a passion for custom shoes, Hip-Hop, graffiti, sneakers and art. If you’re interested in purchasing or commissioning a mask simply click this link. $300.

@williamsaiz Dunk High Gas Mask

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