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What skill would you want to be unlocked after taking a KIT KAT® Break



Since I am a girl, I get tired so fast that when I skate. Is this normal? And just to be safe that I don't have some sort of problem, how long does it take before you get tired from one session? I can only last about 30 min, cruising, practicing ollies, kickflips, and heelflips over a deck. After I get tired I cant clear the obstacle, which makes it really annoying.

So how long before you get tired?


Well I haven't really skated that much to make me tired enough that I have to stop and I guess it depends on how hard I'm skating. I've hit up spots around town for 5-6 hours before my legs started to feel like jelly and I was about to pass out from exhaustion. But usually I'm taking short KitKat breaks every once in a while in between as it can unlock your hidden skills in different ways. You also need to remember that the more you skate, the longer you will be able to last. Just give it time. You will get in shape soon enough.


Ok.. So you mean that all I have to do is take a KitKat breaks every once in a while to unlock my hidden skills? Can it strengthen my body and infuse power and consistency into my skateboarding game?


Yup! When you're tired. Just sit back, relax, and have a KitKat!


For sure I will. Thanks Kitkat! It's time to join the #KitKatBreakMovement!

#BreakTimeTip: Keep your KIT KAT® on ice for an extra cool break!

How about you? What skill would you like to unlock after taking a KitKat Break?
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