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Kango Express, The Newest Package Forwarding Service in the Philippines

Kango Express, The Newest Package Forwarding Service in the Philippines

Here’s some good news for all online shoppers out there: Kango Express is here! Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world.

Kango Express provides a happier shopping experience.

It understands that not all online retailers are able to ship to the Philippines or accept Filipino credit cards. With warehouses in both the U.S. and U.K., Kango Express customers are able to find the exact item they need at the exact price they want to pay. Through its affiliate relationships, Kango Express also assists its customers with finding deals and discounts and maximizing their shopping experience. Unlike other services, Kango Express doesn’t charge a membership fee, service fee, package handling fee or have any other hidden charges. Pricing is simple and straight forward. Registration is free and currently the company is offering a 20% discount on customers’ first order.

Kango Express can save its customers an average of 30-60% on their shipping costs through Kango’s leading resizing service. Unlike other competitors, Kango doesn’t charge for the service, add extra processing time or require minimum volume savings to resize your packages. While most package forwarding companies focus on one single shipping service… direct courier (such as DHL/FedEx service), consolidation, or seafreight… Kango Express gives its customers options. Customers in over 200 countries and territories can take advantage of the Kango Direct Service and have their packages delivered quickly and straight to their door. For customers that can wait a few more days, Kango Express offers its Consolidation Service in a growing number of countries. Customers have the option to pick up packages in our local offices and can take advantage of lower rates, while still enjoying transit times of air service. Kango Express is dedicated to providing its customers with a positive shipping experience. This starts with their user friendly website and continues with the excellent customer service team. The opinion of the Kango Express customer matters… and the company is dedicated to learning, listening, improving and innovating the package forwarding market.

Kango Express is now ready to do business in the Philippines and join the country’s thriving package forwarding service sector.
Excellent Management Team

Why Kango Express is a cut above the rest?

The Kango Express shop and ship key service features go beyond the standard package forwarding services as it tries to work a little harder and more creatively to make its service more advantageous and beneficial to its customers worldwide. These are just some of the benefits of using Kango Express service:
  • Warehouses in both the U.S. and U.K. Unique model offering both Direct express service to 200+ countries as well as Consolidation service in a growing number of countries
  • Free resizing of packages to reduce cost 30-60% on average
  • Free hold service
  • Free registration Payment by CC or Paypal Buying service (coming soon)
  • Refer-a-Friend bonus In house freight forwarding company allowing Kango to control the whole transportation process as well as accommodating larger shipments
  • Excellent customer service (consolidation countries also offer local customer service)
  • Competitive pricing and delivery times
Why do consumers use services such as Kango Express?

There are several reasons or factors why consumers prefer forwarding services such as Kango Express. Here are a few:
  • They want to buy items from U.S. or European merchants that: - Are not available in their country - Cost more money in their local country - There is added prestige if they have an item purchased in the U.S., including the belief that the items are more likely to be genuine.
  • Merchant sites may not accept local credit cards. In these cases customers can use the Kango Express buying service.
  • Merchant sites may not offer shipping to international locations. Although larger merchants have started offering limited international shipping, the thousands of small to medium business have not.
  • International shipping offered by online merchants costs much more.
  • Shipping services like Kango Express will offer value add services such as resizing and the consolidation of packages together under a single shipment from multiple merchants.
Michael Brockert – Kango Express Managing Director

At the helm of Kango Express, the newest package cargo forwarding service in the Philippines, is Mr. Michael Brockert, the company’s Managing Partner. Mr. Brockert has over 25 years’ experience in the realm of finance as an investment manager, specifically, on equity investment in emerging and developing markets. As Managing Partner of Kango Express, Michael’s primary focus is on business development and identifying new market expansion. Before he established Kango Express with his partnership group in 2015, Michael was an investment banker in London and Moscow for 16 years. He was involved in the Russian Privatization program in the early 1990’s, and was an active member of the Russian Stock Exchange (RTS) during its early days. Michael spent most of his career with Morgan Stanley, where he specialized in equity trading and corporate finance in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Central Asia. In addition to his work in Moscow, Michael spent two years in Baku, Azerbaijan (1998-2000), working in corporate finance. In 2004, Michael was transferred to Honolulu, Hawaii where he became a partner in the Private Client division of ING Securities. Aside from his current position in Kango Express, Michael continues to work as a Portfolio Manager based in Honolulu. Michael holds his B.A. in Political Economy and Russian from the University of California, Berkeley, and his Master’s in International Relations from the University of Toronto. He speaks fluent Russian and is proficient in Spanish and French. With his work experience and excellent credentials, Michael is certainly the best person to lead Kango Express to future growth and success in the Philippines’ growing package forwarding business.

MyLinda Barke - Kango Express’GM 

Taking on the responsibility of overseeing Kango Express’ day-to-day management as well as the company’s Marketing and Sales activities, is MyLinda Barke. She has over 20 years of experience growing international markets, managing high level accounts, developing long-term business relationships, and implementing operational improvements under her belt. As General Manager, MyLinda is involved with all aspects of the Kango Express business, with emphasis on business development, operational improvement, and customer acquisition. MyLinda served as General Manager of another large package forwarding company before joining Kango Express. She spent most of her career with Taylor Corporation, where she was responsible for growing the Latin American business for a leading gift and phone card printer. During her tenure in the said company, MyLinda opened and managed a multi-million dollar print facility in Monterrey, Mexico, recruited and trained a network of sales distributors throughout Latin America, and developed several production partnerships. Kango Express’ lady GM holds a Master’s of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s of Science in International Relations & Spanish. She speaks and writes Spanish proficiently and has completed academic and work assignments throughout Latin America. She dedicates her free time to working with various charities, including the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue where she serves on the Board of Directors. MyLinda is excited about the future of Kango Express in the Philippines and is expected to help the company grow and become one of the most successful package forwarding service providers in the Philippines

Alexandra Aliyeva - Kango Express’ Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

One of the top executives at Kango Express is Alexandra Aliyeva, the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Her primary task is to keep Kango’s financial position in good health by closely overseeing all the company’s financial activities. Alexandra has over 20 years of combined experience working in the service and e-commerce industries. This lady CFO has honed her financial skills early in her career, devoting most of her time helping small local businesses establish and maintain business processes and systems of accounting and internal control to ensure satisfactory financial reporting. Later on, Alexandra incorporated her financial background with the deep knowledge of local tax laws and regulations to help grow the Azeri market in online shopping and shipping services. Before joining Kango Express, Alexandra helped establish and ran PXPost Baku. Aside from handling business development and management of a fast-paced operation with a high level of international and local accounts, she closely supervised financial accounting and audit, to ensure compliance with local and international standards. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Kango Express, Alexandra is involved with all aspects of the Kango Express business on a corporate level. Since she is based in Baku, Azerbaijan, she spends a good portion of her time helping to establish and maintain the business processes of the Kango Azerbaijan franchise module. Alexandra holds an Associate degree in Technical Engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Accounting and Audit. She speaks fluent Russian, Ukrainian and English and advanced Azeri. She is actively involved with the humane society of Baku, a.k.a. PAWS, and has rescued and fostered many stray cats in the city. She has recently become a grandmother to her now two and half year old grandson, and she spends free time communicating with her family.

Mr. Mitch Boeder - Kango Express’ Director of Operations

Overseeing the day-to-day activities and performance of Kango Express is Mr. Mitch Boeder, the company’s Director of Operations. Mr. Boeder has over 10 years of experience in operations management, third party logistics, freight forwarding, and creating operational efficiencies. As Director of Operations, Mitch is focused on continued improvement initiatives for the company’s in-house operations, implementing logistics solutions, developing personnel and financial analysis. Previous to Kango Express, Mitch has held positions in general management, operations management and business development. During his career, he has worked in various capacities, in such industries as international freight forwarding, domestic freight forwarding, and industrial supply distribution. Mitch holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Management with a minor in Business Administration from Minnesota State University, Mankato.
Kango Express Philippines
Kango Express, Is Set to Launch in the Philippines, October 28, 2015

Kango Express, based in the United States, is the newest package forwarding company to open its doors in the Philippines, and provide Filipino consumers the opportunity to buy goods online and have their packages delivered straight to their home or office. Kango Express offers this exciting shopping and shipping alternative to make the Pinoy’s buying experience with U.S. or U.K. online stores more convenient and more affordable. Pinoys’ no longer have to rely on relatives or family members to buy and ship their accessories, gadgets, clothes or home décor for them…Kango Express is there to help them Shop, Ship and Save.

The launch activities, with the theme, “Happify your shop and ship experience with Kango Express!”, will begin with a happy hour event on the 28th of October 28, 2015, at the Society Lounge in Atrium, Makati Avenue. The Program starts at 4PM. Kango Express’ Managing Partner, Mr. Michael Brockert, will be in town to personally witness the formal entry of Kango Express into the Philippine market and to welcome the guests as well. Aside from an on-the-spot online shopping experience, honored guests will receive gifts and prizes.

Kango Express, Various Topics Q&A

What is resizing?

Kango Express offers a free unique service that is beneficial to consumers – resizing. This service helps to reduce overall shipping cost. Many retailers will ship your items in boxes that may contain a lot of empty space, which means added shipping costs to consumers. The following are some ways that Kango tries to resize your package: Reduce the size of the original box. Shrinkwrap the item (only available for consolidation shipments). Use a smaller box Reduce the size of the bag

Reasons why it may not be possible to resize customer’s package:

The items are fragile and may be damaged by reducing packaging. Items are odd shaped and cannot fit evenly in a smaller box. The package is already quite small (we will not resize boxes smaller than 14 cm x 22 cm x 4 cm – the size of a small flat rate USPS box) or there will be limited space savings.

What does Direct Service mean?

Kango Express offers a Direct Service shipping option to over 200 countries and territories throughout the world. Here are some of the key features of this service:
  • Packages are sent via courier service (such as DHL) to your home or office location.
  • Transit times vary by country but typically take from 2-5 days.
  • Pricing varies by country and weight/dimensions. Kango’s cost calculator is needed to estimate the cost of shipping charges.
  • Once ready to ship, the customer is asked to select the packages in his/her account Inbox and complete the Check Out process, which includes making payment for your shipment. We typically ship the packages within 24 hours (excluding weekends) after payment has been completed.
  • Although Kango offers resizing on Direct Service packages, we may not be able to resize the packages as much as we do with Consolidation packages to ensure they are protected from damage.
  • The customer can save money by shipping multiple packages at the same time.
  • Kango Express provides free loss/damage coverage for the first $100 of value of customer packages. One has the option to purchase additional protection coverage for your package during the check out process
What about Consolidation Service? What are its key features?

Kango Express offers Consolidation Service in select countries and this particular service is available in the Philippines:
  • Kango combines the packages of all customers shipping to that country into single shipments that travel via airfreight. By combining all the packages, we are able to offer more competitive rates over the standard Direct service.
  • The customer’s shipping charges are based on the combined weight of all the packages in the their shipment.
  • Shipments are sent on specific days of the week (which do not change) and may occur 1-2 times per week, depending on the specific country and volume of packages we have going to that destination.
  • The customer must schedule his/her packages to ship prior to the “Close” time indicated on Kango’s website to be included in the consolidation shipment.
  • Once a shipment is made, the customer will receive an invoice to be paid. However, packages will not be available for final delivery or pick up until payment is received.
  • The company offers their consolidation service through either local partners or Kango franchises in the destination country. This allows us to offer the added benefit of local customer service and a local office location.
  • Depending on the country, consolidation shipments may be picked up at designated pick up locations (such as our local office in the country) or limited local delivery may be offered.
  • Transit times with Kango’s Consolidation service vary by country but typically shipments arrive in the local country within 4-7 days from leaving the US Warehouse. The shipment must then clear customs and then is either available for pick up or Kango’s local office/partners will begin arranging for local delivery.
How much does the service cost?

All pricing is based on the chargeable weight of the total shipment (all the packages combined together). Chargeable weight is the actual or volume weight… whichever is greater. For Direct service, the customer would need to enter their dims, weight and address in our Cost Calculator to give them the cost. For Consolidation service to the Philippines, our rates are listed on the country page and the “Shipping Rates” page available on the company website.
Shipping Rate Examples 1.5 KG Chargeable Weight = 3.4 KG Chargeable Weight = $15 + (1*9.00) = 24.00 $15 + (2.9*9.00) = 41.10

These rates include delivery within the Metro Manila area. For delivery outside of Metro Manila, there will be an additional $1.00 per 1/2 kilo of chargeable weight as a beyond delivery surcharge. You may also want to consider our Direct Service to these areas.

How long does it take to get customer’s packages?

We ship consolidations to the Philippines each Friday. The shipment will arrive early to midweek in the Philippines and needs to be cleared through customs. Therefore, customers in Metro Manila should receive their shipments within 5-8 days from when it leaves our warehouse. Customers living outside of Metro Manila will need to add a few more days for transit. For Direct shipments, we ship those within a day of the customer completing payment. They will arrive to the customer in 3-4 days to their house/office.

Does Kango Express offer insurance?
  • We currently do not offer additional protection on Consolidation shipments but plan to have something available next year.
  • For Direct shipments you can purchase additional coverage
Are duties and taxes included?
  • Duties/Taxes are not included in our rates.
  • If you have questions if specific items are taxable, you should contact us via the Help Desk


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