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How to Rewhiten Your Yellow Midsoles!

You're probably here because you've heard of this magical solution called Sole Sauce. What is this Sole Sauce? The sole sauce is a DIY product developed by sneaker enthusiasts to help whiten yellow midsoles.

Does it Work?

Yes, absolutely. There is a reason why so many sneaker enthusiasts talk about Sole Sauce. It actually works. I always find it funny when individuals make videos about Sole Sauce and test it as if saying, "Hey guys, it works." Duh! We already knew that. The real question is, how do you use it.

How does it work?

Sole Sauce's main ingredient is the cream developer which has anti-oxidant properties that when applied, and given a UV source like the sun, will enable the product to remove the yellowing found on sneakers with white midsoles. There is a much more complicated reason behind this, but just understand this:

Sole Sauce + UV (like Sun) + Time = Removes Yellowing

Maybe, you may have seen hundreds of people claiming to have a "magical" sole-sauce solution that only they have and they created. Truth is all of these re-sellers use salon care creme developer. They just mix it with some stuff, re-brand it, and sell it for around 300 pesos for a small bottle :)

Honestly, I have tried various solutions, but based on my experience, mixing stuff with the cream developer will make it less effective than just using it straight out of the bottle.

To prove it to you, see this before and after pic of my Nike SB Nontourage. The midsoles have been whitened by Cream Developer.

Where to get the said developer cream?

You can buy online if you are lazy. But you can get the stuff at Hortaleza, salon, or even at a pharmacy. What I used on my Nontourage is the Hortaleza #12 Developer Cream. This costs me 35 pesos only for the 60ml bottle.

Note: Any brand works. Just look for "Developer Cream" or "Cream Developer" (the higher the number the better it works)

How to Use The Cream Developer To Rewhiten Midsoles

  1. Make sure you have available sunlight in the area you live in. Otherwise, you will need to use an indoor technique.
  2. Apply the developer on the yellow midsoles using a cotton ball. You can use your hands, but please wear gloves. You just need to make sure that you cover the whole surface of the yellow sole.
  3. Prop the shoe, and expose it to the sun for a few hours. 
  4. Wash the sole of the shoe carefully, then let it dry.
  5. Repeat the process, until you're fully satisfied with the results.


Sounds easy so far? If this is your first time doing this, using this Cream Developer can be a bit challenging. Here are some things to be aware of.

Sole Separation

If temperatures are high enough, you will experience sole separation on your shoes. Usually, temperatures above 90 degrees will be enough to cause sole and midsole separation.

Material Degradation

Leaving the whole shoe exposed to the sun for hours will cause UV damage. This causes degradation - it starts to fade, yellow, and break apart. So please make sure to cover the other parts of your shoe.


Quality and speed of results depend on how bad the yellowing was, to begin with. Lightly yellowed midsoles will lighten up in one session. Older, amber yellow midsoles will take a couple of sessions to un-yellow.

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