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Have You Heard of Pacdel? This Crowdshipping App Will Pay You to Travel


Have you heard of Pacdel? This App Will Pay You to Travel

Ok, I’m super excited to share this crowshipping/travel app that I somehow just learned about, despite it being around for years!

One of my readers, emailed me about it and told me he was about to get paid $350 just to travel!


I did some investigating, and I’m now here to tell you all about it!


What is Pacdel?

The Pacdel App is an international person-to-person delivery platform.

Shopaholics who want products that aren’t available in their own country can “buy” them online. Then, a courier or a traveler would buy them in their home country and deliver them when you travel.

Each successful delivery has a “Traveler Fee” which is what you make money off of.

This fee is just like a tip and it’s based on the total order amount. Expensive items mean a higher traveler or courier fee. I’ve seen delivery fees up to $80 or more just from scrolling through the parcel requests today!

Why Use Pacdel?

The Pacdel delivery app does a few things that I think make it worth using.

First of all, it connects you to all travelers and shoppers around the World who want goods from your home country.

Secondly, it forces the buyer to secure their money within the app before you pay for the product, so it gives peace travelers or couriers peace of mind knowing a third party is mediating the transaction. There’s no sketchy situation here, and there will be no way for the people to back out of payment once you have delivered the item.

And finally, if you deliver more you’ll earn more money - which is pretty obvious! Nice!

I mean, if you’re going to the country anyway, you might as well throw a few extra things in your bag and earn some money, right? 

Are there any CONS using the Pacdel App?

There are two CONS really that I noticed when I was reading about it.

The first problem is that it definitely requires upfront investment.

You have to buy the goods yourself in your own country, then you don’t get reimbursed by the Pacdel App or receive the traveler fee until you complete the delivery. So, there’s  a bit of a risk and also not always possible for couriers who are on a tight budget.

The other one is that you have to alot some valuable vacation time meeting up with people to deliver the goods.

My friend told me that because the people prepay for the goods they have more incentive to meetup and not flake, and that he hasn’t had issues with Pacdel during his experiences.

You can help mitigate this by taking a few orders with high delivery fees and of course, meeting in public spaces.

But then again, it sounds a bit inconvenient, and meeting someone you don’t know, is not always a good way to spend your vacation.


Woud You Try Pacdel To Earn Money?

Just so you know, I am not affiliated with Pacdel in any way and I have actually never even tried it!

I just learned about it a few days ago and thought some of you guys may be interested in trying it out.

The Pacdel App is really popular in Canada and South America,  but also growing in other cities around the World.

If you do decide to try the Pacdel App or just recently tried it, please comment below or send me a message because I definitely want to hear about your Pacdel experience with international delivery! 

Visit ther website:

Download on Google Play:

Download on iTunes:

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