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Nike SB Dunk Low Review

For so many years,  the Dunk Lows have been at the forefront of the skate and street culture, offering a lower cut to the ever popular Dunk High model. The colorways hold well, even when used for its intended purpose: skating.

Honestly, I used to hate Nike sb's. but when a friend bought some dunks, I was like "dude, those are sick, I need to get a pair."I went to We Legendary and bought a pair of dunk lows.

To start off, If you are already decided to get some Dunk Lows for skateboarding be sure to get the right size. My recommendation is to buy them "TTS" true to size. These shoes will stretch after several wears, especially the suedes and leathers because the cushion in the heel will change its original dimensions when put under pressure.

Don't buy dunks half a size too big as the capability of the shoe to hold your feet tightly in the right position will be lost - this can lead to ankle twists or other injuries. The break-in time for the Dunk lows are almost non-existing, especially for the suede and the leather models, but if the still feel a little stiff after a couple of wears, just bend the sole a few times to increase its flexibility.


The dunk lows come in many colorways, and depending on the colorway, the price will vary. Retail for Nike sb dunk lows is about 4,000php. But Nike SB releases only a certain amount of models, which is where supply and demand come into effect. Originally, this shoe had a low retail price. However, once the demand began to skyrocket, and retail stores, as well as resellers, decided to increase in sales.


With so many Dunk Lows floating about, both past and present iterations, often times we get lost in the shuffle. The hype for these skate shoes has impacted the sneaker game and so many colorways, and models have already been released in multiple colorways and been retroed. Designed for skateboarding, these SB Dunks feature the Zoom Air insoles with thicker padding in areas around the ankle and tongue. The SB Dunk is now a highly popular sneaker and the demand for it increases as sneaker connoisseurs will do anything to get a pair.


Depending on the colorway that you are going to but, the looks will be different. Overall these skate shoes look very good but come colorways can be very ugly. But personally I like most of them. If you would like to look at all of the dunk colorways ever released, click on this link.


These shoes are extremely comfortable! In the heel, they have Zoom air insoles, which acts as an airbag that’s fairly squishy. It also has padded sides, a stuffed tongue (that isn’t too stuffed), and the whole shoe flexes very nicely.


Dunk Lows fit true to size but is narrow. So, if you have wide feet like me, you might want to order a half size up.


Performance wise, it’s A+. This shoe has insane lick – your board sticks and stays with the shoe. You don’t need extra effort to flick your board though flip tricks may get hard after a while since its outsoles are fairly weak, and wear down pretty fast.

It has an amazing boardfeel just as good as a vulc shoe. You would be able to feel the concave, the start on the nose and tail, as well as bolts. The soles have deep threads that don’t wear down too much. However, the materials are not too grippy, but not that horrible. Grip wise, it’s decent but could have been much better. It loses most of its grip when the outsole wears down. Durability wise it’s superb. The only problem here is that when the outsole wears down, the shoe will begin to rip faster. If the shoe had a stronger outsole, then these would last longer. The shoes have no lace protection but it’s ok as long as you tie the laces tightly – to keep it away of the grip tape. One thing I like about this shoe is that it takes impact very well – thanks to the zoom air insoles.


For me, these shoes are amazing. They are comfy, have good boardfeel, and flick nice. The Dunk low is kind of basic that has a universal shape that most skateboarders will like. It is grippy and has a balanced amount of board feel and is quite durable.The only problem here is outsoles as they wear down easily. When the outsole wears down, the toecap will start to rip, then the swoosh, which looks kind of weird. These Dunk Lows may not sound good on this review to some people, but they are absolutely amazing skate shoes, and I would recommend them to anyone!

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