Here is a nice story for all the Nike SB Dunk fans courtesy of shoepreme.

"This is the story of a guy named SUPA, he just moved to CALIFORNIA from PARIS. He likes it in california, but he's afraid there might be SHARKS in the water. SUPA was looking for work and found a job at TIFFANY & co. He loves to go to SUPREME and ZOO YORK after work to check out their latest gear. SUPA has a pretty average life, so one day he decides to shake things up a bit, hes going to become a JEDI. He talks things over with his friend HOMER, HOMER's U.N.K.L.E. can help SUPA with his JEDI training. Throughout his intensive training, SUPA has to master the use of the RAYGUN , fight the THREE BEARS, and multiple BISON, and sit through an adult movie sitting next to PEE WEE HERMAN. SUPA passes all his JEDI requirements. Him and HOMER's U.N.K.L.E. crack open a couple of HEINEKIN's to celebrate his accomplishments. SUPA's typical life, just became a little more interesting."

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